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Accessories, parts and products

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Accessories and parts §

HDMI devices §

Notes on some popular HDMI devices:

Home chargers §

The car should be compatible with all type 2 home chargers.

It charges at up to 6.6 kW from DC home chargers (source), meaning a 7 kW charger is enough – a 22 kW charger will also work, but won’t charge the car any faster.

If you schedule charging times, consider whether to do so in the car or in the charger. If you do it in the car, it will be able to draw power for any preconditioning outside of the schedule, leaving you with more charge. If you do it in the charger, the car will not be able to draw power outside of that schedule. Also note that the charging schedule is confusing.

Other devices §

Toys and collectibles §

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