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Things a prospective owner should know

16” vs 17” wheels §

The 16” are all black; the 17” have chrome spokes. Beware – used-car ads have been known to get it wrong.

Accessory wheels

There are also accessory 17” wheels, pictured here below the standard ones.

The 16” have slightly better range – their WLTP range is 137 instead of 131 miles (source, p. 47).

The 16” may be a little quieter and the 17” may handle a little better in corners (source, source).

The 16” typically come with Yokohama BluEarth tyres; the 17” with Michelin PS4 tyres (source).

Base model vs Advance model §

Exclusive to the Advance model:

(Source, pp. 46–48.)

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