Honda e Knowledge Base


Internal measurements

Measurements are approximate and may depend on seat positions.

The max payload (including driver and passengers) is 341–342 kg for the base model and 327–350 kg for the Advance model. (Source, p. 48.)

Boot measurements

Boot measurements with folded seats

Back seat measurements

Tyre pressure

Please double-check these numbers against the label on the driver-side door jamb.

The pressure is the same front and back since the car has a 50/50 weight distribution.

Recalibrate the tyre pressure warning system after changing the tyre pressure. Open the “Vehicle Settings” app, select “Deflation Warning System”, then “Calibrate”. Then drive for approximately 30 minutes (2020 manual, pp. 421–422).

Charging curve

Will vary depending on battery temperature, charger max speed etc.

This graph is courtesy of Neil C from the Honda e UK Interest Group on Facebook:


Touch-up paint codes

Please double-check these codes by looking at the black label in the passenger-side door well, just above the QR code.

Euro NCAP crash & safety test

Euro NCAP gave the car a ★★★★☆ safety rating.

The video shows the safety systems in action.

EV Database specs

The EV Database has details such as range, battery capacity, dimensions, weight etc.