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Lights stay on when I attempt to turn the car off §

Depending on your settings, light may stay on for a few seconds. But if they remain on, you may have moved the lights setting (on the left-hand stalk) away from auto, e.g. to parking lights. Turn the setting back to auto.

A charge doesn’t start §

E.g. the car’s charging light blinks white, but then turns off and never turns blue.

Restart the charge while gently pushing the plug forward and upward, into the socket. This may help the charger’s lock pin engage. This issue has been seen e.g. with Engie/GeniePoint chargers and certain InstaVolt chargers.

The car shows the 🚗❗️ Power System Indicator icon §

Sometimes with a message like “Quick Plug-in Charging System Problem. Standard Charging Is Available.” or “Power System Problem. Power May Be Reduced.”.

You will probably be unable to use DC rapid chargers, but AC slow/fast chargers may still work.

This can happen when there is some issue between the car and a rapid charger. Issues have been reported with Tesla superchargers and some others.

Turning the car off for a few minutes and then back on again may help. The error may keep showing for a while even if it starts charging. (Source.)

Opening and closing the bonnet may clear the error. (Source.)

Connecting to another, working charger may help. (Source.)

Otherwise, you need to visit a dealer.

It can also indicate that the high voltage battery temperature is high – if you think this may be the case, avoid high speeds and visit a dealer.

(2020 manual, p. 111. 2020 manual, p. 661.)

The car won’t lock §

If the car won’t lock and makes 4 beeps, a key may still be in the car. Take the key out. (Source.)

Issues with AC air flow or demisting §

This could happen if something has fallen down the back of the glove box, blocking a vent. (Source.)

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